Monday, 1 May 2017

Reflections on Painting practice

I've realised what I've done wrong - I wasn't using an airbrush!

Oh wait people need context. Ok so, looking back on some of my recent attempts at painting Witch Aelves I realize something basic and yet profound.

Female skin is much smoother than male skin.

I've painted Chaos Marauders, Kairic Acolytes, Khorne Blood Reavers etc etc and never had any issues with skin. But my favorite models are the Witch Elfs and they are my least good paint job so far. Part of the reason for this is that muscular male flesh basically paints itself. Prime with white, wash with fleshtones, wash again with an orange. Highlight. Edge Highlight. And then you're done.

The problem with female flesh is that the Highlighting must all be freehand. The blends must all be graduated. Mistakes are more obvious and the edges less forgiving.

The solution - airbrush and a hell of a lot of acrylic medium to glaze the models. I already own an airbrush so it'll give me a  great reason to get it into action. I have a box of Witch Aelves yet to be assembled, 5 Already primed as well as a Bloodwrack Medusa and a Cauldron of Blood, all to try these techniques out on so let's see what we can do.

PMP Challenge: A little competition!

So Phase 1 has begun I decided to scratch build the tail using a paper clip and GS. I used the end of an old elf horse tail to add the hairy bit. Looking at pictures the tail is roughly twice the length of a bull's leg so this is a first approximation of it. It'll all need more work but this is a start.

The next step was to add some GS to the gaps on the model itself.

And then work on the base. By adding an extra GS stone and fixing the gap between the back hoof and the stone.
It'll take a while for the GS to set and harden so that's probably it for today on this guy.

Hobby Challenge - 1st Annual PmP Painting Competition

Ok, so in response to Vince Venturella's great PMP Google+ group's painting challenge I've elected to start working on this guy.

This guy is a Chaos Lord on a Daemonic mount.

For the mount I'm using a converted Wood Elf Stag with bitz from dragons to represent a Bull.

The Lord is converted from a Chaos Space Marines Sorceror Lord helm with a metal Archaon body and the legs from a metal Grey Knights Terminator.

This will be the first of a few PLOG posts on this guy. My plans are to do a flaming sword, black armour and a red cape based on the Everchosen colour scheme. 

I'm not sure about the mount's colour scheme as yet - my inspiration is from the Irish myth of the Táin Bó Cúailnge - The Cattle Raid of Cooley - which had two mythical bull's in it one White one Brown. But we'll see how we go with this one.

Phase 1 is a bit of GS and liquid GS work. Checking for mould lines and then Phase 2 will be Zenithal highlighting.